Kettal & Tectum have ecodesigned the spaces and offices of the future to face climate change and improve the quality of life in cities for people


Kettal & Tectum are collaborating to renaturalize office spaces. Our proposal is composed of an indoor garden that produce up to 60 kg per year of healthy and local vegetables, equivalent to the food basket of one person. Additionally, the prototype serves as a natural CO2 filter, minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions from transport and reusing 30% of the water used.

The components of the prototype are designed to maximize recycled and recyclable content:

  • Estructure: 90% recycled – 100% recyclable.
  • Pannels: 100% recycled PET – 100% recyclable.
  • Fans: 65% recycled – 85% recyclable.
  • Glass: 20% recycled – 100% recyclable.